Solar Laser Powered Engine

The Laser Powered Motor:
For this project I am combining two technologies that are not my own.
I came up with this idea after watching a video on you tube of a laser powered elevator that will soon enable us to travel to outer space with out the use of costly chemical fuels. In the video a man focuses a high powered laser made of infrared light on to a parabolic cone shaped mirror. The light emitting from the laser condenses on the outer edges of the cone and a quick explosion occurs sending the shape flying upward toward the sky. The scientist in the video said the problem they were having with this technology was stabilizing the air craft. I thought, “what if instead of using this technology to power an air craft we use this energy in a centrifugal force to power a crank shaft in an automobile”. The scientist said that this form of energy is extremely efficient when compared to a chemical fueled engine and it could be much lighter weight because of the lack of a need to carry fuel. This is ideal for land travel as well.

The next stage to this project was how to power this laser. After a little research I found that students in Japan are developing a solar powered laser. Their intention for the laser is to blast magnesium with it and create a large source of energy from it. The problem with this is that it is not renewable and still produces a waist product.

However, if you combine these two ideas you have a perpetual renewable source of energy. I have placed a diagram below to give some idea about how this machine would work.

ImageThe outer diameter of the fly wheel would be studded with parabolic shapes that a laser would shine into and produce propulsion much like the craft in the YouTube video. The laser beam can be broken up by mirrors to produce more that one beam that can activate more than one parabola shape on the fly wheel at a time like the cylinders on a combustion engine. The laser would be powered by a solar collector much like the one they are developing in Tokyo Japan.

Here is another version of my idea modifying a modern combustion engine by fitting the pistons with a parabolic shape and using a infrared laser to ignite the air around it to force the piston down.



Here is a link to the article I refer to from MIT’s website

Here is a link to the YouTube video I saw


2 thoughts on “Solar Laser Powered Engine

  1. occulist says:

    I have seen some similar conceptual models that date from quite a while ago. The first idea “might work”, but the amount of work it could produce might be limited by the size of the laser.

    The second concept would be more practical and potentially could use just simply existing 2 cycle engines as a starting point. The only real issue to overcome would be the issue of bearing oiling. Older 2 cycles had a partially domed piston, and a hemisperical combustion chamber and might prove an interesting place to start. Alternately chainsaw engines and weed trimmers usually have a flat topped piston or slightly domed piston and a slightly hemispheric combustion chamber.

    By replacing the spark plug with a laser of sufficient power, and determining a method of oiling the engine bearings, it could provide an initial prototype that that could be refined later, but be a testbed now.. If higher compression ratios than 8:1 were needed, the cylinders could be milled down for higher compression, but it “might” require a piston with a thicker dome. If you were to try convert an older 2 cycle outboard, you would need to machine it carefully to increase the compression ratio due to shape of the head and the shape of the piston. .

    It would be a good place to start to see if the energy produced by such an experimental setup could produce work adequate enough to A) keep the engine itself running, and B) if it coulld produce enough energy to convert to useful “work” in a cost efficient manner.

    If memory serves, some of the theoretical aspects of the laser implementation were written in either Omno, or more likely Scientific American somewhere between 1979 and 1985

  2. stealth21 says:

    This is an idea I have been kicking around since 2004. I believe it has a great possibilities, but the therory needs to be tested at this scale. The laser they used to test the space craft was rather large and not at all suited for smaller combustion engine use; but, if a smaller pulse laser could be used, the possibilities are endless.

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