Bugs have interested me since I was a kid because of the way they move so alien like and how they react to the things around them.The most intriguing to me is the spider because it has almost magical abilities. It can shoot webs stronger than steal. It can make it self almost invisible, and it can move like a shadow. One of my secret goals and thoughts has been to try and recreate some of the spiders special abilities. Imagine if you had a device that can allow you to move as fast and as agile as a spider up a wall or shoot webs like Stan Lee’s Spider Man and fly through the skies. I found that some people have already started this research for me. I invite you to check out this experiment conducted by researchers at Cambridge University that is about how spiders move their legs in spite of the fact that they lack muscles to be motile. What  they have found is that spider hearts might act like powerful hydraulic pumps that can react in a split second. Here is the link http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~eshyr/n/survey/hydraulic_mechanism.pdf

I will be updating this post with my ideas on how to make a spider leg that can react as quickly as a live spiders. I am also thinking of ideas on how one might control a spider as a type of platform for a cybernetic organism like they can do with fly’s, and cockroaches


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