My Interview with Charles Stevens – An Update on Laser Powered Cars

Last night I had a conversation with  “doctor” Charles Stevens about his invention the thorium laser powered car. In our discussion we talked about my invention, and how his invention was completely different from mine and he went on to tell me how his invention might work in the future.  Here is how the conversation when along.

He started out  the conversation by saying that his invention does not use a laser in the traditional sense of a focused beam of light. He said that this was a misconception by the reporters who had published articles about his invention on the internet. Instead, he thinks that if one was able to heat the element thorium enough it would become sub critical and start releasing electrons in the form of heat. Thorium would then start decaying into an isotope of lead. During this decaying process  thorium produces heat and when placed in water it creates steam. The steam could then be pressurized like in a pressure cooker. From this point the pressurized steam could be released to directly power anything you could think of. His idea would be to power a turbine that is connected to a generator to power say a car. He claimed his current system would be about the size of a small refrigerator and could produce 10 kilowatts of electricity. He said this would be enough to power a small home but there is possibility to connect multiple systems together or to make a larger system to power larger buildings. I stopped him here to ask him about some pretty obvious problems with this type of system if it was to be implemented.

I first asked about the spent thorium we will have after it has finished decaying to a radio active isotope of lead. He responded by saying that this isotope of lead is much more valuable then its thorium counter part because it can be used by the medical community to test for and treat cancer. He also mentioned the probability of the lead being recycled in other ways like recharging it back to uranium or thorium again but the technology to do such a thing does not exist yet. I then proceeded  to ask him about the problem of excess heat that this type of reactor would give off. He then told me then he would channel this heat with what I presume would be some sort of heat sinks into a type of dehumidifier. This dehumidifier would then produce condensation and create cool drinking water by sucking out the moister from the air around it. He also stated that this dehumidifier could act as a type of air scrubber that could clean the air ” thus solving all of modern mans problems of having clean air, clean water, and energy”.

I then asked him why his product has not been put out into the world yet. He replied “there was too much red tape to cut through and too many laws to follow. ” he went on to say that the lobbyists and the president would rather turn a blind eye to this technology in favor of other EV’s and solar energy. he went on to say he would like to market his technology to third world countries that have much larger problems with clean water, air and energy but for now his dream of a laser power car has been put on the back burner.

I then asked him about my laser project that I have been tinkering with. He has taken a look at it and did not think it would work for two reasons. The first being the solar collector laser would not produce the same power as the solid state laser in the video. He also went on to say that he helped review that project with the laser propulsion craft and even with a solid state laser the craft was not capable of lifting anything other than itself off the ground and it was very unstable. Thus, the cones could not power a crank shaft directly.

Our conversation then ended here and he finished by saying that he “appreciated my ideas and if more people would get their head in the game the world would be a better place.”

Though after researching more about Dr. Charles Stevens I could not find any reliable credentials to confirm he was in fact a doctor at all. I do believe he has some amazing ideas that he has shared with the world and I think that if more people would just think out side of the box and “get their head in the game” so to speak I think we would be living in our imagined future sooner rather than later.


My laser power car idea can be scene at the following link

Charels Stevens website can be found  here

Here is an example of the decay of thorium to lead wich any chemist can say is true

Here is an article from a reliable source explaining the potential for thorium based fuel

International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) website


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