My “free” energy machine based off of you tube’s lifehack2012

I recently came across a video on YouTube that claimed you can make 6.5 volts of electricity from a powerful HDD magnet and two coils of wire. I decided to study the measurements of the device and research the scientific principle behind such technology. What I found is a stationary magnet can not produce energy when sitting near a coil. It is only when the coil moves in the opposite direction of the magnetic field that any energy can be produced. Be that as it may, scientific principals have been found to be wrong on occasion so I decided to reproduce this experiment for myself to see if I could reproduce the results scene in the following video.

I made my device to the same specifications as the one depicted in the video. I got the measurements for the coils by counting the number of pixels in a close up shot with a photo editor and converting it to centimeters and millimeters. I quickly noticed that the spacing of the coils on the device depicted was far from perfect but I made mine perfect as to improve upon design.  I then made the second coil with less precision than the larger coil though in the experiment in question these coils were arbitrarily done. So, I figure this must not matter too much. I ensured that the large coil was exactly 8 windings because lifehack2012 said in the comments that this is very important. I made the second smaller coil about 4 and a half turns as depicted in the video. I soldered the two coils together at the fourth winding on the large coil so that the end of the short coil is attached to the winding at a 90 degree angle. I then attached the magnet with hot glue to the opposite side of the coil as depicted in the video. There was no voltage coming from the ends of the large coil the hypothesis of free energy was proven false as expected. However, I continued to experiment with the device using different sized coils, and different spacings between the coils, as well as the distance of the magnet from the coil and even the coils shape and conformation. This did little to help the experiment. This device was a failure and a video hoax adding to the old saying ” if its too good to be true, it probably is”. 😛

here is my video of the device in question that I built:


6 thoughts on “My “free” energy machine based off of you tube’s lifehack2012

  1. Elaisa says:

    Did you tune the coils so that the resonant frequency of the smaller coil is an integral multiple (like 8) of the of the larger coil? No? No wonder it didn’t work.

  2. Bluestarmonster says:

    It’s two neodynamic magnets on either side… Pay attention. And of course it works Tesla made the world’s largest free energy producing machine and people have been reproducing it for decades. Plus it’s a proven gravity metric theory.

    • Skeptic says:

      Where’s your video

    • Dean Newman says:

      The principle of producing electricity using magnets is defined by Faraday’s Law’s of electromagnetic induction. A rate of change of magnetic flux across a wire induces a voltage. ( e = -L(dΦ/dt ), e is the voltage produced, L is the inductance, and dΦ/dt is the rate of change of flux, the mathematical operation of differentiation. So to generate a voltage (in order to push a current through the wire), you have to either move the magnet and keep the wire still, or you move the wire and keep the magnet still.
      This is the usual way to generate electricity using magnetic fields and the principle of electromagnetic induction.

      I have seen – but not researched – a so called ‘free energy’ device, and allegedly this site is based on the same idea, where there is no change in magnetic flux density across the wire, that everything is static, the wire is static, the magnet is static.

      This goes against the traditional laws of Physics. So if electricity is being generated, it’s highly unusual, and not relying on conventional principles and laws that have existed for a long time.

    • Dean Newman says:

      Neodymium, not neodynamic. Neodymium is a material which can produce very powerful magnets.

  3. Arie says:

    Hi, i’am very curios about this kind of ideas. I find several people experimenting on a different way. Some started from the idea’s of Tesla and claimed results. Would you look at the idea of mister Keshe. He claimed mass results but my technical background is not enough to see whether this is the future or just a charlatan. Can you help me to look at this subject?

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