I love Science!

And I love my family.

I am creative, Inventive, hard working and passionate about every thing that I do.

Personal Information 

I am 28 years old recently married as of December 24, 2012. I was born and raised in Arizona. I have a huge family now that I have added my wife’s side to the list. I have no kids of my own but several nieces and a couple of nephews. I have a dog I named Kodie he is a white Shiba Inu about 2 years old and probably the best dog I will ever have.


I have a plethora of goals I have set at the moment. The most pertinent right now is to finish my clinical rotations so that I can graduate with a bachelors in clinical laboratory science. After I am finished with this goal I hope to gain a Medical technologist position at Scottsdale Healthcare as a generalist. I then plan on working a few years then go back to school to get a graduate degree in a specialty. I also plan on doing research to find a cure for influenza and other viral diseases. I have several inventions in my head that I would like to make prototypes of and place patents on. Lastly I would like to take my wife all over the world so we can see new and exotic places together.

Where I work

I currently work at Scottsdale Healthcare as a lab assistant in both Microbiology, and Blood bank. I obtained this position shortly after starting school to be a medical technologist having little knowledge of anything in the lab. Since then I have quickly learned everything my colleges had to teach me, and have excelled at my job. I continually learn new things every day that I work here by my own experience, and watching and asking the technologists what they are doing and if I can participate in any way. I love my job because it has been a challenging and rewarding career. I get to do the two things I love best helping people feel better and science. The only thing more I could ask for is to finish my education so that i can be more efficient and helpful to my patients and colleges.

My Skills

Microbiology: I can make and read gram stains, process and plate specimens, inoculate and enter prompts into micro-scan, maintain and do quality control on instruments and reagents. I am learning to read plates and Identify microorganisms. I should be fully proficient after my clinical rotations.

Blood Bank: I can receive in specimens, do history checks, and process specimens for typing and cross match. I have experience doing typing and antibody screens, cell panels for positive antibody detection, DAT for positive auto control, and weak D testing for newborns. I can cross match compatible blood and issue it to nursing staff. I can receive and test new incoming inventory by retyping the blood and entering it into the computer. I have preformed quality control on ORTHO ProVue instruments and refrigeration units, as well as cell washers and FFP heaters. I should be fully proficient after my clinical rotations.

Hematology: I can preform manual complete blood counts as well as hemoglobin and hematocrits. I can manually calculate red cell indices. I have experience interpreting these results and communicating them to other professionals. I have experience using an auto analyzer. I have experience in coagulation doing PTT, APT, and TT and narrowing defective factors of coagulation. I will be fully proficient after I complete my clinical rotations.

Chemistry: I have experience preforming manual chemistry tests using a spectrophotometry and making calibration curbs as well as setting quality control for those curbs. I also have experience processing chemistry samples and placing them on an automated line. I have a little experience interpreting results. This is the area I need to work most on during my clinical rotations.

Computer systems: I have experience making custom programs and websites, I have a plethora of experience with various medical billing programs, electronic medical records, email systems, data basses, Excell, Power Point presentations, Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop,  GIMP, Dream Weaver,ASP.net, PHP, javasripts, HTML, JAVA, and I can easily learn much more but lost interest in this subject in favor of science, and healthcare.

I am a senior at DeVry University in the clinical laboratory science programI studied at DeVry University to be a computer programmer in computer information systemsI have a certificate from the Bryman School of Arizona to be a medical assistant.
 I like spending time with my family, fishing, trying out new things, traveling, video games, reading  and inventing


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